Sexy Babysitter RJ Stories


Published: July 19th 2015

Kindle Edition

46 pages


Sexy Babysitter  by  RJ Stories

Sexy Babysitter by RJ Stories
July 19th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 46 pages | ISBN: | 3.18 Mb

A collection of four sensual stories of an older man and the younger babysitter. These sexy, college aged babysitters drive men crazy. What happens when the sitter is also attracted to her employer? Sparks will fly when the sitter is seduced by the older man of her fantasies!The Busty BabysitterMark had never noticed Angie the babysitter before. She dressed in baggy clothes that were not flattering. Then one day she babysat in the afternoon and Mark saw her in the pool wearing a small bikini.

From that moment on he couldnt get the busty babysitter out of his mind. She began to flirt with Mark whenever his wife wasnt around. Could Angie be interested in him? How could they meet up without his wife knowing? Is it possible that his fantasy was going to come true?The Horny BabysitterKaylah was babysitting for James and thinking about sex.

Ever since she turned eighteen and started college it seems that all she ever thought about was sex. She was getting more and more turned on and decided to take care of the problem with her hands. Then James unexpectedly came home early! His date had not gone well. Since both Kaylah and James were horny, maybe they could help each other out? Would James want to be with a college girl? What would it be like for Kaylah to be with an older man?I Slept With The Babysitter!After being married for over a decade, Matt is finding single life tough.

The babysitter consoles Matt and tells him that its easier than he thinks. He doesnt believe her, he cant even remember the last time he kissed a woman who wasnt his ex-wife. The cute babysitter volunteers to be his first kiss! See where it leads after that kiss.

Will they go all the way?The Sitter Wants a New iPhone: and is willing to do ANYTHING to get one!Allison wanted a brand new iPhone 6+ more than anything. College started in a few weeks and she didnt want to show up with her old iPhone 4s. This would be her first time away from home and she wanted to make a good first impression. All summer she had worked to make money by babysitting. Jon was her favorite client. He was an attractive older man who had a lot of money.

Allison noticed the way he looked at her. Maybe they could strike a deal. Jon would get what he wanted and she would get her new iPhone!EXPLICITThis collection of short stories contains graphic sex between an older man and college aged sitters.

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