Indians Without Tipis: A Resource Book D. Bruce Sealey

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Indians Without Tipis: A Resource Book  by  D. Bruce Sealey

Indians Without Tipis: A Resource Book by D. Bruce Sealey
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Born at Pine Creek, Manitoba, 1929. He obtained his High School education at Arden, and his Teachers Certificate at the Provincial Normal School.He has wide experience as teacher and administrator in both rural and urban Manitoba, in organizing Special Education Services, St.

Vital, and as a consultant in Manitoba Dept. of Education. Other areas of experience include work as a fisherman, freighter, volunteer worrker and organizer for the MMF, member and Vice-Chairman of Manitoba Police Commission.He established the MMF Press and the MMF Order of the Sash to honour outstanding service to the federation.For the past ten years he has been Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. Bruce is twice married with five children, his wife is Marlene Doxtater.

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