Promonius Book 1: Crash (Promonius Saga) Ricky Vazquez



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Promonius Book 1: Crash (Promonius Saga)  by  Ricky Vazquez

Promonius Book 1: Crash (Promonius Saga) by Ricky Vazquez
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Where they are, they have no idea. They dont know where they are, they dont know whats happening, and they have no idea if they will ever get out of here.This is the problem plaguing the tough minded and head strong cyborg Cassandra and her beloved Nevin in the first installment of this space opera. Cassandra and Nevin begin their adventure as passengers onboard the ship Martian. The Martian is a ship filled with several hundred people sent out to aid the study of ancient life forms. That was the original plan. But it isnt long before those plans are quickly derailed.

Forced to chart a new hyperspace route because of a pulsar, the Martian is eventually pulled out of hyperspace by an unknown force. Theyre forced out in front of a nebula with a broken hyperdrive and have no way to escape. In a act of sheer desperation, the ship goes inside the nebula, everybody realizing that the key to finding out whats happening lays inside.But that is exactly what Promonius wants them to do. Finally, after tens of thousands of millenniums, he has awaken, awaken for one single purpose- to prepare Creation for the arrival of his dreaded master: Fate.

And Promonius is not the only one interested in the Martian. Delia, the youngest of the Four- the four rulers of Creation and all its dimensions- is keeping a close eye on events, using her right hand, the general Wyatt, to try to see what Promonius is up to. And lastly, there is one last person manipulating things, Daxcros. Daxcros the Great, Delias older brother, ruler of the Four, the dreaded dark lord, the most powerful person that has ever lived- powerful enough to destroy entire galaxies with a single blow.

All are watching and are beginning to make their moves behind the scenes.And so it begins. Crash landing on the mysterious planet were Promonius rules, the crew of the Martian find themselves in ever darker times. Rebellion breaks outs, death and injuries slowly begin to pile up.

The mystery, thrills, and suspense slowly comes more and more to the fore. And for some, it becomes accepted that this planet will become nothing more then their tomb- their place to eventually die. Against all of this, Cassandra stands by her determination to defend and protect her Nevin under any and all circumstances. He is all that matters to her and if she can keep him alive, then by nook and cranny, she is certain that they will find a way out of their prison.That hope seems fulfilled at the end of the book with the most unlikely discovery of all- that of the mortal Holden and his wife Darlene- Darlene, the second eldest of the Four and the only person that rivals Daxcros in power, his most hated enemy and the one person he truly fears.

After three thousand years, Holden and Darlene have finally been found and it seems that the so called heroes return is assured. With their discovery, the stage is finally set. And it all leads to the second book of the Promonius Saga where the fight against Promonius begins in earnest.

And with that fight comes the question that all will be asking- who will survive?With repercussions that will eventually span into the upcoming Forbidden Saga, both the Promonius and Forbidden Sagas both set the stage for the great Techmanler Saga- the saga where the fight against Fate and his bid for control of Creation finally engulfs Creation.

But Fate is not the end, for his death will lead the way to the final fight- the final stand against the full might of Daxcros himself. It begins here. The stage has to begin somewhere. And it begins now.If you like Red Rising (The Red Rising Trilogy) and the Atlantis Gene: A Thriller, then you just might find that this new saga just might interest you!

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