Passionate Pearls of Wisdom Valentine A. Gana

ISBN: 9781413495010

Published: December 1st 2005


160 pages


Passionate Pearls of Wisdom  by  Valentine A. Gana

Passionate Pearls of Wisdom by Valentine A. Gana
December 1st 2005 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 160 pages | ISBN: 9781413495010 | 3.27 Mb

Language is a medium of communication, a tool of entertainment, a store of knowledge, a preserve of history, and an indispensable tool of the successful. If language is a plant, then poetry is the blossoming flower of the plant with colors that capture your attention. Passionate Pearls of Wisdom, Poetry and Prose is an inspiring, entertaining, and interwoven expression of the writers experiences, observations and passions about diverse subjects that include the African Village, His Father (The Mystery of Tegum), Love, Passion, Romance, Marriage and Divorce, Christmas, Laughter and a moving piece about Nelson Mandela, a human tower of our time.The wise say what lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

The author uses the gift of language and poetry to dial into what lies within us. In this moving piece of work, every chapter ends with inspiring and motivational thoughts and quotes. Some of these quotable quotes are original thoughts of the writer, while others are borrowed from great thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, William Tegum Gana, Dick Cavett, Abraham Maslow, Albeit Einstein, Warren Buffet and much more.Passionate Pearls symbolizes the writers inability to escape from poetry, his true gift in life.

He trusts you will find every poem an entertaining and inspiring read as well as literary fountains that rejuvenate the passions of your soul. Amongst these poems is the African Village, a tantalizing commentary which will capture your attention and present you with an exciting window to experience this subsistent, tropical, and serene lifestyle.

The Mystery of Tegum is a moving rendition of theauthors father, the Abraham of his life. It is a tribute to a man who was unique in every way, special to all he encountered, treasured through the fruits of his vision and loving memories which stack up to the heavens. Nelson Mandela is a deserving poetic ode to a tower of humanity.

This well crafted piece will give you a glimpse of the sacrifices that led to the birth of the present day Nation of South Africa.Love, relationships, and their intertwined complexities are addressed in a myriad of poems which range from My Childhood Sweetheart, Genie in the Bottle, The Vengeance of His Past, A Painful Journey from Love through Impatience to Divorce, The Witch Doctors Loving Curse, Sweet Thoughts of Sarah and many others which will leave you asking for more.

The rhythm in the works, the transformation of words into exquisite literary gems of pleasure, and the passion embedded in the poems tells of a well polished and distinguished writer. At the embryonic concept of a thought, the writer goes into a mental trance of creativity and emerges with colorful butterflies of linguistic flare.

He blends his own experiences, his keen observations as well as the beauty of his imagination to create masterpieces which will leave you asking for more.The inspiring and motivational thoughts also embody the promise of becoming a daily source of meditation as well as literary pearls that propel us to seek the best in ourselves and in others. These passionate pearls of learned wisdom, flowing poetry and uplifting prose he shares with himself, with the world, and with the history of literary art. With these humble steps, he traverses these lanes, fully conscious of his privilege.

It is a journeywhose inspiration aspires to challenge minds, titillate nerves and uplift souls. Strap on your seatbelts of desire, and enjoy the ride.

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